If you’re a writer, a blogger or a journalist, you’ll probably know what is a price of success. To become a famous and to gain a reputation of a “writing genius”, you have to bath in your own blood, sweat and tears.

While you have sleepless nights waiting your creative muse, you still need to pay bills. It’s cool when you’re a versatile person, and except of writing can earn by your other hobbies – such as music, hand-made or tutoring foreign languages. But sometimes, you have nothing to do but accept any job to earn for living.

Don’t be sad or embarrassed by this! Look at this infographic and discover which jobs accepted well-known authors, before they become popular and famous.

Infographic was found on blog of Unplag plagiarism checker

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Big-Name Authors & Their Weird Jobs – Preview

Big-Name Authors & Their Weird Jobs [Infographics]