My name is Matt Benedetto, and I am a self-taught product designer that is on a quest to invent useless things that help solve everyday problems that do not actually exist, called Unnecessary Inventions. Each useless invention combines a carefully crafted balancing act of being potentially useful in problem-solving yet truly unnecessary. Each invention is created from my design studio in Burlington, Vermont.

Over the past month, I have identified nine new problems facing no one in this world with each solution is absolutely unnecessary. If you find yourself desiring to use my new inventions, you should reevaluate your life immediately.

Be sure to follow along for all of my funny inventions as I continue to solve the world’s unnecessary problems with my genius ideas, and check out my previous post on Bored Panda here.

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The Hÿpēr Båg

When putting together your next IKEA furniture piece, take a few deep breaths and don’t stress when you can’t figure out the directions

Make sure you don’t hyperventilate!

The LookBak

Never miss a thing with your own personal rear view mirror anywhere you go!

The elastic band stretch around your arm while the mirror sits perfectly in view on your shoulder

The Hoverbrella

Enjoy a rainy day without the hassle of having to carry an umbrella

Go hands free and stay completely dry as it follows you around wherever you need to go!

The ForkYou

Never have your condiments touch or mix with this click activated condiment fork

Carefully fill each compartment and chow down

The FurRoller

Start telling all your friends that you got a dog and cover all your clothes in fur

Choose your favorite breed of dog and roll your heart out

The SunShaders

Get more of your sunglasses with your own shades for your shades

Whether you need to block out more light, spy through the blinds, or block out haters – wear them up, down, or closed with your favorite pair of sunglasses

The Sip N Curl

When it’s 5 O’Clock hit the gym and enjoy a nice cold beer all at the same time

One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four…

The Plug of Thrones

Are you avoiding spoilers from tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones or simply tired of hearing everyone talk about it?!

Conveniently have a pair of earplug anytime you don’t want to hear about the new season 8 , whatever your reason is

The Finglonger

Reach new heights like never before!

Extend your abilities on any finger to finally reach what you simply never could before