Before popping the big question, a man first needs to ask himself how much is he willing to spend on the engagement and wedding rings. And while some think proposals shouldn’t be about the expensive jewelry, others claim the wedding ring cost should amount to between one and three-months salary. Recently, one woman who probably agrees with the latter has decided to humiliate her fiancé online after he disappointed her with a too small of a diamond and wedding ring price.

In an anonymous post on MumsNet, she ranted about the $1,674 cheap wedding ring as if it was a plastic toy. However, the majority of MumsNet readers condemned the woman for her materialism, saying the guy that chose to spend the rest of his life with her should seriously rethink his options after this humiliating story. Scroll down to check out her message and tell us your thoughts in the comments. (Cover image: Courtney Barrett / Hawaii Jewelry)

One woman was expecting sympathy for having to wear a ring she didn’t love

Image credits: Courtney Barrett

So she went online to humiliate her ‘cheap’ husband-to-be

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But it seriously backfired both on MumsNet forum and on Facebook

And the post has since been deleted