While the world welcomes a new year, many couples are saying “Yes!” to their wedding proposals. The year 2015 is bringing in so many new trends that are innovative, fun, and unique! One of those new photo ideas that I am starting with my clients is a unique underwater engagement photoshoot. My couples are diving into the new year to express themselves and immortalize their love in a whole new medium. Whether my clients are into high-end fashion with Louis Vuitton’s, the exciting world of Harry Potter, or even a Steampunk lifestyle, we are creating stunning pictures on a whole new level to celebrate their uniqueness and engagement.

Every couple that comes to me looking for different and unique engagement photos always has a story. I love bringing each person’s character into the photoshoot and letting them show me what makes them unique as a couple. By offering them a choice of underwater photography, we can do so many fun things and get some really interesting photos with the near-weightless environment that would not be possible in a standard engagement shoot.

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