Probably no one would argue that some of us like to stick to the plan at whatever cost and some of us would just rather go with the flow whenever possible. But, as the saying goes, man plans and God laughs. And despite one’s beliefs, probably all of us can find some kind of beauty in the surprises life brings us. This particular British family has probably had more of them than anyone else, especially when it comes to parenthood. But how else can it be living with so many children, they sure are in for a rollercoaster. Scroll down below to find out about their latest one!

This is the Brett family with their newest addition, a baby girl

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After having her youngest son with quite an unusual name of Rothagaidh two years ago, Alexis Brett became the first Mom in Britain to give birth to 10 boys in a row and thought her family was complete. But it later turned out life had a little surprise planned for her and the whole family as well – a new addition. Therefore, just a couple of weeks ago, she became a mother of 11 just at 39 years old. She has spent more than 8 years being pregnant during the last 18 years of her life and is now very happy with her big family.

The girl is named Cameron and is the 11th child

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After her long streak of boys, Alexis finally gave birth to a baby girl and decided to name her Cameron. The happy parents say she changed the family dynamics quite a bit with all the brothers being super attentive not to wake their little sister and being more well-behaved in general. This sure brings much joy to the parents, who say this last pregnancy was unplanned but did get them over the moon, as they expected it would be yet another boy after finding out about expecting another baby. The delighted mother adds that they are definitely stopping now. “There’ll be no more. I said that last time but this time, I absolutely mean it. I love my family as it is now.”

The first 10 being boys that are now aged from 2 to 17

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The family is used to people commenting by now and not all the remarks are very pleasant. Alexis says, “Some people think we must be on benefits but we’re not. David has a good job, which means we don’t even qualify for full child benefit.” Her husband is a train driver and usually leaves the house around 5:30, leaving his wife to use the little quiet time she has in the morning before the kids wake up to enjoy her cup of coffee and a shower. Even though life is not easy being a mom to 11 kids as she has to do 49 loads of laundry a week and hoover seven times a day, Alexis plans to get back to work as a part-time fitness instructor in a few weeks.

After Cameron was born, the mom of 11 says she feels the family is now complete

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Of course, it is not all sunshine and rainbows and Alexis admits to sometimes exchanging looks with her husband David and thinking, “What have we done,” but the kids always come up with something surprising then, melting the hearts of their parents and making it all worthwhile in the end.

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