Hi, I’m 19 years old and I’ve been drawing since my hand can hold a pencil. It’s my biggest passion and I hope it will be my job one day to express myself and make other people a joy with my pictures. I practise whenever I have time for it and try to get better and better.

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In my summer vacation, when I haven’t the stress from the school always around me, I do bigger projects, like the two pictures you can see below.

Another thing I really like besides drawing is watching old movies. I like the charme and story of them and the jokes are mostly hillarious. I already watched a few movies starring Marilyn Monroe and James Dean which inspired me to draw them. I think their lives and work is so unusual, amazing and sad at the same time that they earn it to be remembered. I mean, James Dean made himself legendary with only three movies. How is that even possible?

I drew the picture of Marilyn Monroe in 2016 and needed round about two and a half weeks for it, the one of James Dean is from this summer and I finished it in eleven days.

For me the hardest part is always doing the sketch because of the proportions. The difficulty is not to draw an eye or the nose but draw them in a way that they all fit to each other and the contour of the face. For example you drew a perfect eye if you look at it alone but it didn’t fit to the rest of the picture. For itself it’s good but on the whole it looks weird. Sometimes it can be really frustrating.

In my opinion there’s a big difference between the drawings and the skills I gained during this one year are clearly to see.

Hope you like them and feel free to add a comment!

The sketch of Marilyn Monroe

The finished drawing of Marilyn Monroe after “coloring”

The sketch of James Dean

The finished James Dean