There is a handful of questions that will go fully unanswered throughout the course of human existence: “What is the meaning of life? What lies beyond the stars and galaxies?” And, my personal favorite, “Why do different generations borderline loathe each other?” The latter discussion has been brought to the internet, especially with the rising popularity of discussing millennials. Older generations like to bash on millennials for fostering “snowflake” culture and effectively living in their phones. This ultimately lead to millennials “retaliating”.

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This Twitter user, Rob, shared a text where his girlfriend explains why “OK boomer” is a thing

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“OK boomer” is one of the most recently-coined (and extremely popular) phrases that takes a jab at the baby boomer generation. This phrase is said in response to something foolish that a boomer says and you can’t even begin to explain how wrong they are. It’s just not worth it.

And the explanation was so spot on, it quickly became viral not only on Twitter, but on Reddit as well

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Robert Allam, a.k.a. GallowBoob on Twitter and a fellow Bored Panda, has recently added to the discussion by posting a screencap of his girlfriend’s very accurate explanation of why the phrase “OK boomer” caught on. Bored Panda got in touch with Allam.

People on the Internet jumped into the discussion

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Allam was casually texting his girlfriend about how he saw “OK boomer” memes and replies practically everywhere that he didn’t quite know what to make of it. “Told her I am not sure if it’s another silly meme or not, since it’s being spammed loudly everywhere,” explained Allam.

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“To [that] she simply explained (with the screencap) and added that while it shouldn’t be used as a reply to shut down everything, its existence came from trying to talk for years and getting nowhere.” This was the moment both of them thought to themselves, “Okay, we welcome ‘OK Boomer’ into our lives.”

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Allam had no idea this short commentary would take him places online: “Had absolutely no idea so many people would relate with that simple explanation. And yet, it seems like it resonated with too many people. It made me basically go ‘oh… hmm… good point’. It seems like it did that to everyone else, too. She was blown away by the reception and impact it had. And so was I.”

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The tweet received a lot of attention, garnering over 23,000 retweets and over 90,000 likes on Twitter.

In light of this virality of the tweet, Allam even hooked his girlfriend up with a Twitter account so that she could follow things: “I convinced her to get on Twitter, making her an account and plugging it on the post. Surprisingly, she has almost 1,000 followers already and they are welcoming and supportive! She’s now addicted to Twitter overnight.”

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