Unless Donald Trump is somehow involved, politics isn’t usually very funny or thrilling. In fact, it’s often about as exciting as watching paint dry – absolutely tedious and uninspiring. But a TV station in Sweden found a way to make a political debate interesting by accidentally pairing it with subtitles from a children’s TV show, and the results are predictably hilarious.

One of the cartoons for kids that the subtitles came from is called Dinosaur Train, and you guessed it, it’s about dinosaurs on a train, exploring their prehistoric universe. But clearly, it wasn’t the only cartoon whose subtitles ran amuck, because why on Earth would dinosaurs need two separate pairs of shoes? But we are not going to search for it, because mystique is part what makes these captions the best captions ever.

The unexpectedly entertaining discussion (which was caught by an Imgur user named TheBlondeSwede) kicked off with Sweden’s Minister for the Environment welcoming everybody by saying, according to the kids’ show subtitles, “greetings, earth creature,” and things got weirder from there. Scroll down to see the funny captions. If only all the funny TV shows were this good!