Love comes in all shapes and sizes, especially if we’re talking about pets or, in this case, dogs. Big or small, smart and reserved or infinitely dorky, floof or no floof—they are man’s best friend regardless. However, some doggos have such distinct looks, not only their owners fall in love with them, but people of the internet as well.
Russian borzoi, also known as Russian wolfdogs, usually attract a lot of attention with their elongated lines and tall physique. However, the star of today’s story, this sweet gal named Tupe, has taken the typical borzoi appearance to a completely new level with her extremely long snout! The adorable two-year-old pup currently has more than 77k followers on Instagram who wish to boop the snoot. Scroll down to see what those people are so crazy about.

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Borzoi are large, elegant-looking dog breed that was developed in Russia in is therefore also known as Russian wolfhound. They were bred for coursing and hunting and would go after rabbits, foxes and even wolves in teams of three. They later became popular among European royalty and were often seen as royal companions.

A mature male can grow up to be up to 85cm in height and weight up to 48kg. Females are slightly smaller and grow up to 78cm tall and usually weight up to 41kg. Their coat can be of any color an can differ in length. Some borzoi have silky and wavy medium hair, while some can have straight short hair.

Tamara and Jeff from Sedona Borzoi define Borzoi as dogs of very unique and enchanting personality. “They are not like most dog breeds and behave in a more catlike manner. What I mean by this is that they can be somewhat aloof and normally do not fawn all over their owners as some more demonstrative dog breeds do. Instead, Borzoi exhibit a deep sensitivity and gentle love often displayed by laying their head in your lap, leaning against you or giving soft gentle kisses. Our Borzoi are very affectionate and enjoy being close with us (if not "on" us) while we sit on the sofa watching TV,” they say.

„Borzoi can be stubborn and the more you pull or try to force them, the harder they resist. The successful Borzoi parent will outsmart their manipulative Borzoi and take matters into their own hands when they are like this. Let's say for instance that you are ready to go to bed and your Borzoi is on the sofa. You say okay it's time to go to bed and they just sit there looking at you. The best choice at this moment is to quietly get their leash, put it on them and take them to where ever they sleep. Eventually, when they see you lift up the leash they will just get up and come, knowing that their battle of the mind is already lost,” they add.

“Borzoi respond well to positive reinforcement and positive encouragement in any training situation. They are very smart and once they learn something, they do not forget. They may not want to do what you ask, but that does not mean they do not remember or know how. They just do not want to do what you ask at a given time,” say the owners of Sedona Borzoi.

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