Check out the bizarre word below. Do you know what it says? It recently appeared on a bumper sticker in Ohio and the internet can’t get enough of it. We can only assume that the religious sticker is supposed to say “unashamed”, but the cross before the word looks distinctly like a ‘T’, turning what could have been an innocent declaration of faith into a hilarious design flaw that conjures up all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas. It was shared on Twitter by a user called @the_blueprint, and it’s already been shared over 55k times and liked by almost 180k people. Scroll down to see some of the funniest reactions.

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Do you know what this bumper sticker says?

Somebody shared it on Twitter and some people were seriously confused 

Others were trying to blame the tuna

Someone found that tuna-shaming actually exists!

Many started making hilarious puns

Tunashamed designer, indeed!