Trump has been trolled on the Internet before, but this time it was literal. A guy from Wisconsin has turned him into a tiny Troll doll. We’re not making this up.

Former sculptor Chuck Williams revealed his immaculately designed vinyl Trump doll on Kickstarter last week, and the project has already far exceeded its original goal of $38,000 thanks to over a thousand backers. The figure is about 5 inches tall, completely nude, and clutches a miniature smartphone between his itty-bitty fingers. Donald himself has yet to comment on the anatomical accuracy of the doll.

Those who pledged the highest amounts will receive a set of 10 dolls and a limited edition resin casting. Now that Chuck has the funding he needs to start manufacturing these bad boys, backers in the US and around the world should receive their tiny Trumps by the end of the year.

More info: Kickstarter, Williams Studio 2

Former sculptor Chuck Williams is trying to mass-produce a tiny, completely nude Trump Troll doll

He’s croudsourcing the factory costs using Kickstarter, and received over $54k from backers in one week

Williams far exceeded his original goal of $38k, as the vinyl figures cost about $25 each to make

The 4.75″ wonder comes tweet-ready with a miniature smartphone in hand

The project’s 1200 international backers will receive their tiny Trumps by the end of the year