Every comic artist has a special attachment to their work. Characters feel like your children, with ever-evolving personalities that develop and become a separate part from you. They start to live on their own.

Therefore seeing yourself in a comic based on your real life and sharing that comic with two more friends must feel extra special. That is what the “Pudin and Flan” comic is all about. This comic is the creation of three creative minds: Destinee Cleveland, Jackie King, and James Averett. The adventures that these characters have are both fun and relatable, yet sometimes touch on more difficult topics too.

One of the artists spoke to Bored Panda about the beginning and the inspiration behind it.

“The comic is loosely based on me and friends from college. I’ve always wanted to do a comic and tell stories, so when we originally put this together it was actually a pitch for an animated show. We pitched it to Frederator Studios, but they didn’t really like the story. I didn’t want to give up on the story, and so we decided to turn it into a webcomic.”

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Continuing on the topic of inspiration, the artist said that: “a lot of it just comes from who we are as people and how we would react in certain situations. We’re all gamers and huge animation buffs, so it has definitely inspired a lot of how we see the characters. They’ve basically started taking on a life of their own.”

Working with your friends sounds fun, but making the comic requires actual work, such as discussing new ideas. The artist shared how they manage to accomplish that. “We’re always thinking of hilarious things, and we actually have a pitch board in Slack where we’re constantly updating ideas and refining them for the comic. We all work full-time, so it’s hard to schedule meetings, but Slack keeps everything organized so we can comment when we can and suggest changes.”

Three creative minds that work together towards one goal have an advantage in creating new comics faster. “It takes about a week from start to finish. Since there are three of us, we all have a specific part to play. I’m usually the one who has the final say in how the comic will look before it goes up. James is our main artist, and he’s phenomenal when it comes to looking at my concept art or listening to describe a scene."

Artist continued on their different roles. "We’re very in sync when it comes to our humor, and he’s always able to catch the very essence of what I want to convey in each scene. Jackie (Flan) is our main colorist, and she’s my best friend. We brainstorm a lot, and I run a lot of my ideas by her. She’s also really funny, so some of the stories are from her personal experiences with the public.”

And lastly, she added: “each character, as corny as it sounds, is a work of love. They are basically our alter egos. They can do and say things we don’t do, and I guess, in a way we’re able to live vicariously through them.”

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