How often have you looked at a photo and thought, ‘how did they do that?’ Among a sea of selfies and food shots some photographs are so intriguing or beautiful that they demand your attention and make you wonder. But what might be a passing interest for some, for me is an obsession. I’ve spent years studying trick photography and Photoshop techniques because knowing how a photo was created enhances the magic for me rather than ruining it.

A year ago I decided I wanted to become an expert in trick photography so I started the Exposing Illusions project. Every week on my website I create an image using a different photography technique and then write a tutorial about how the image was made to teach others the process. My focus this year has been on Photoshop compositing, but next year will be about in-camera techniques. The images I’ve created so far are primarily self-portraits which aim to tell imaginative stories that elate, inspire and provide an escape from the boredom of life’s routines. Join me to look behind the curtain!

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Deer Petal

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

The Idea

Dream’s Quest

Time Flies

Siren’s Sorrow

The Wrong Dress

I Tried to Drown My Sorrows

The Blue Girl

Field of Dreams

Dance of the Jacarandas