My name is Przemyslaw Kruk. I live in beautiful country in central Europe, which called Poland. I am amateur of landscape photography. Since over 20 years I have photographed scene of nature which I was seeing on my way. Photo camera is my best friend and inseperable companion of my journey – the small one and the biggest trips, when I am spending time on waiting for the best light.

A lot time ago, I have fascinated of photography in IR. I have a spcially place in my backpack for camera dedicated to IR. And since years the photos make the history. Unfortunately is impossible to ‘stop every moment’ in that kind of way. Only the bright light and high contrast allowe to show world in that amazing way.

Commonly we don’t have chance to watch the world in IR. But indisputably, the IR World is very mysterious, wonderful and it can change my point of view.

I invite you to my IR World. Let’s start – visit, watch and enjoy.

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