Travellers from all around the world are joining forces to preserve our precious earth by inspiring you to travel through their words and photographies in a storytelling photography book fundraising for WWF.

My name is Morgane and I’m twenty five years old. I’ve been travelling for the past seven years and it changed my life, for the very best. Full of gratitude for all the magic I experienced, I wanted to give back and share : Travellers is a storytelling photography book on the beauty and importance of travelling.
I made this book for my eighteen years old self, the one that was feeling the pull, the call for adventure, but who was also full of doubts and fear. I made this book to make sure she takes this first step into the unknown and discovers a whole new world full of wanders. Be this book become the white rabbit that pick Alice’s curiosity and bring her to wonderland.
Seven years ago, I wish I had someone to look up to, someone to encourage me, someone pushing me in the rabbit hole, far away from my comfort zone, someone telling me : “You can do it. You’ll be alright. You’ll change. You’ll grow. You’ll see. You’ll experiment. You’ll live. More than ever. Go. Now. Everything will be alright.” Instead of the voices feeding my fears with their worries, I wish someone would have told me the truth : “You will become rich. Rich of the person you became. Rich of the people you met, the friends you made. Rich of the experiences you had. Rich of the wanders you saw. Rich of the rainbow of emotions you felt everyday.”
I now have a fortune, and getting richer every day that passes, and the treasures I collect, I can never loose as they will stay with me forever. This is why I wanna give back. My solution was this book, to share, to help and to inspire.

Always having been sensitive to beauty, photography and stories, I made this book as special, beautiful, artistic and inspiring as I can. I brought together travellers from all around the world, friends I met along the way, people I admire and who inspire me, photographers, explorators, writers, bloggers, adventurers, wanderers…beautiful persons keen to share their stories, their photographies, and most of all the magic of travelling.
Together, we conveyed our love of travels, how beautiful, important and meaningful travelling is.
It is our hope that you will feel our passion through the pages of this book and soon be on your way for your very own adventures.

“Every adventure begins the same way… with one step.”
Eric Larsen

“I travel to give life a meaning.”
Daniel Ernst

“If life is a story, travelling is what fills my pages. Every journey I take is a collection of anecdotes and tales, and the world is my muse. Travelling is what turns a life into a novel.”
Kat Knapp

“You’re on Earth to leave behind a story of your own.”
Michelle Bates

Here lies the little plus of this book that can make a positive difference. Exploring the world, seeing its beauty, how incredible, special and fragile it is, your heart is filled with gratitude, you feel responsible and entitled to protect this world.
Fundraising for WWF, the proceeds of this book are donated for the preservation of the environment.

“And when I leave, a part of me will stay behind.
Perhaps this is why we travel.”
William Woodward

Featuring :

Daniel Ernst – Maïwenn Cabioch – Patrick Güller – Esther Perea – Michael Blanchette – Annapurna Mellor – Cait Miers – Judy Kung – Morgan Maassen – Lea Rezić – Morgan Phillips – Kat Knapp – William Woodward – Maggie Wong – Mathis Dumas – Michelle Bates – Eric Larsen – Aida Mark – Mina Young Lee – Þórarinn Sigurbergsson – Sima Kosinskaya – George Turner – Mindy Lamoureux – Ro Savage – Morgane JA – Victor Habchy.

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