Japanese artist Isana Yamada creates clear resin artworks in the shapes of whales that contain miniature worlds. The six whale sculpture artwork project, titled Samsara, represents the six realms in Buddhist cosmology: the Heavenly Realm, the Asura, the Animal Realm, Hell, the Ghost Realm, and the Human Realm; Samsara is Sanskrit for the cycle of death and rebirth.

These beautiful sculptures are Yamada’s graduation project for his master’s degree in design. The unique art project will be on display at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and the Artcomplex Center of Tokyo from March 1st through 6th. Each whale contains something different, symbolizing the different realms.

More info: yamadaisana.strikingly.com | Facebook (h/t: mymodernmet, colossal)

These resin whales represent the six realms in Buddhist cosmology

This whale contains a sunken sailboat, symbolizing the difficult voyage that is life in the human realm

The project is titled Samsara, which means the endless cycle of death and rebirth

Samsara is Yamada’s graduation project for his master’s degree in design