Steve and Lindsay Peace have a 15-year-old FTM transgender son. Ten years ago, Steve tattooed their three children, Elliot, Hamish, and Ace, on his wife’s arm. But when Ace came out as transgender to his family a year ago, Steve decided it was time to make some other changes.

“The tattoos of my kids took a couple hours each 10 years ago,” Steve told Bored Panda. “The coverup took a little over an hour as everything was already there and we just had to update the tattoo with fresh lines and the gender change.  I still  have to update my other 2 kids as the details have faded a little over the last decade.”

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After her 15-year-old son came out, this mom decided to update the tattoo on her arm

“I felt that it didn’t reflect me very much, that it wasn’t so much our family, because that person didn’t exist anymore” Ace said

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His dad Steve who owns a tattoo studio wanted for his son to feel awesome in his new life

Lindsay has Ace’s sibling tattooed on her arm, too

Watch the video and hear the family talk about tattoos and Ace’s coming-out: