Popular toys that have been cut in half and filled with a realistic skeleton and organs are Maryland, USA, Jason Freeny’s specialty. Although his father was a sculptor, Freeny worked as an industrial designer until he lost his job in the financial crisis. When he ran out of money after six months, Freeny began to sculpt, too.

A $50 sale on eBay, three times what he expected, was the first indicator to Freeny that he might be on to something. Soon, orders were pouring in, and he now sells sculptures for up to $17,000. In fact, there are even commercial plans to mass-produce some of his creations.

Freeny takes a month to six weeks to design one of his sculptures. He begins by taking apart a toy, visualizing its insides, and then designing a skeleton. Then the stay-at-home dad uses dentistry and pumpkin carving tools to sculpt epoxy into realistic organs. Most of Freeny’s clients are from America, China, and Germany.

More info: moistproduction.com | Facebook | DeviantArt | Twitter (h/t: demilked)