This touching video, which hit over 4 million views on YouTube, tells the beautiful story of how two barn animals – Mr. G the10-year-old goat and a burro named Jellybean – got reunited after their separation.

The animals were taken away from a woman that kept her small farm in neglect. After living together for a decade, the best friends were separated. The goat was taken to a shelter at the Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch adoption center, while the burro found home in another sanctuary. However, poor Mr. G was so sad after losing his friend that he refused to eat and move for six days, until the good people at the shelter took action. Jellybean and Mr. G were reunited! The latter couldn’t believe his eyes – his personality changed completely and he started eating with the burro right away. The two friends now happily live in a 600-acre permanent sanctuary in Grass Valley.

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