“Touchable Memories” is an experiment that aims to help the blind physically re-experience visual memories using 3D printers. This project, which was developed by LOLA for the Singapore-based company Pirate3D, tested 3D printing technology in an unexplored field and achieved incredible results.

Just as Braille was invented to help the blind share and absorb information more easily, this method has the potential to unlock access to images that were once completely locked away from the blind community by reproducing them as 3D sculptures or reliefs. Read on to see more and to watch a video of the project in action.

Editor’s note: Text supplemented by Bored Panda staff.

More info: pirate3d.com

Blind people can’t remember all of the details in photos, which can make visual memories fade over time

With the help of 3D printing technology, Pirate3D recreated the memories of 5 participants. Here’s a recreated photo of two siblings:

The cover design for a blind musician’s album:

The blind director of photography who worked on this movie scene finally got to “see” it:

Old family photos recreated:

The participants’ reactions are priceless:

(From left to right) Yassine, Mario, Daniela, Gabor and Meritxell

See the full video of the experiment below: