Los Angeles is the city of angels and the city where dreams become reality. Home to celebrities and trendsetters, the caliber of Interior Designer is a bar higher than throughout the rest of the country. Who exactly is responsible for decorating the homes of the stars?

Here are five of the best:

Kelly Wearstler

Source: www.kellywearstler.com

Kelly Wearstler’s style is raw, refined and soulful with an artsy personalized edge. She has designed interiors for Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and Cameron Diaz. The New Yorker named her “The Presiding Grande Dame of West Coast Interior Design.”

Wearstler’s love and interest in interior design began as a child and was heavily influenced by her mother, who was an interior designer and an antique dealer. Wearstler would often come home from school to find rooms painted a new color. Wearstler earned a bachelors degree in graphic and interior design before moving to L.A with hopes of working in the movie industry. She soon realized she didn’t want to work in the film industry and opened her design firm in 1995.She served as a judge on Bravo’s Top Design and published a book, “Domicilium Decoratus.” She later ventured into the fashion industry, launching her own clothing line in 2011. Her first collection was four years in the making and included patterns and design aesthetics found within her interior design work.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Source: www.martynlawrencebullard.com

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a British interior designer, author and television personality. His style has been described as ‘Hollywood glamour meets ethnic exotica’. In fact, he has the unique ability to create a vast array of styles reflecting various cultures through his adventurous use of texture, color and extreme attention to detail.

Like Wearstler, he came to Hollywood to be an actor. He played a role in the 1998 movie, “I Woke Up Early the Day I Died.” A producer of the film saw Bullard’s house and asked him to reimagine the offices of his production company. This was the beginning of Bullard’s extremely successful career in interior design.

Bullard admits travel is his biggest inspiration. He has designed the interiors of Cher, Elton John, Christina Aguilera and Eva Mendes, to name a few. On designing for celebrities, Bullard says, “Celebrities live their lives in the spotlight. As such, it’s vital for their homes to be sanctuaries – places for complete relaxation and privacy. My one great joy with my celebrity clients has been their passion to live out their fantasies… I’m here to be their enabler and make these fantasies into decorative reality”

Kathryn Ireland

Source: www.kathrynireland.com

Kathryn Ireland describes herself as English by birth, Los Angeleno by zip code and French by nature – a citizen of the world.

Ireland started her design career in 1993 after first having a career as an actress, publicist and producer.Ireland’s style reflects bold use of color, layering patterns and textures that embrace the beauty of imperfection. Her designs exude an elegant vibe that is both worldly and chic.

Kathryn Ireland designed a bedroom for Lindsay Lohan on Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators, after Lindsay Lohan walked into Ireland’s room and said “I want my room to look like this!”

She has also designed homes for David Marnet, Steve Martin, Fran Drescher and Wallace Neff.

Molly Isaksen

Source: www.mollyisakseninteriors.com

Molly Isaksen’s website reflects an entirely different approach to marketing. There is no photo gallery, no client reviews. In fact, there aren’t any images at all. The only information on the site is her contact information. Those who contact her already know her caliber of design in Beverly Hills.

Isaksen is known for her high-end, east coast preppy vibe with a calm and appealing aesthetic. The effect is timeless and elegant. Isaksen started her career in fashion design and was pulled into interior design when her movie star fashion clients asked for help at home.

Isaksen thrives in creating quiet and peaceful sanctuaries in yacht interiors, residential and commercial design projects throughout L.A, New York, London and Holland. She also assists with client entertainment, providing menus, flowers and calligraphy place cards.

Dwell Candy

Source: www.dwellcandy.com

Unlike the other designers on our list, Dwell Candy is a team of designers rather than an individual name. They use a diverse team of talented decorators, and pair clients with a designer that is most suited to their needs and desires.

Dwell Candy emphasizes beauty, seeking to meld the personality of each client into a design that is reflective of that client’s personal style. Many of their projects exude a modern chic vibe that is both elegant and comfortable.

Dwell Candy is known for providing celebrity-caliber design at reasonable prices. A rare blend.