After spending more than a year traveling around South East Asia, we’ve gathered a collection of photos showing the weirdest food from this area of the world.

Some of these meals are really good but others are too disgusting to even try.

All the photos from our travels are available on our blog so be sure to check it out!

More info:

Snake wine

Popular in Vietnam and China. The venomous snakes that you can see inside the bottle, are preserved for their ‘essence’ and venom. The snake venom is inactive though, it is denatured by the ethanol.

Thousand-year egg

Also knows as the century egg. It looks and tastes disgusting.
A process of making a thousand-year takes several weeks to several months and it requires keeping it in a mixture of ash, clay, salt, rice hulls and quicklime.

Coffee with egg (eggnog coffee) from Vietnam

It looks and tastes delicious! The ingredients are really simple: strong Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk and whipped egg white.

Fried scorpion

It is popular dish in many countries in South East Asia. It tastes surprisingly good! Like a combination of chips and french fries.

Halo-halo from Philippines

Delicious and refreshing dessert with mixtures of ice, milk, boiled sweet beans, sago, coconut, gulaman, fruits and tubers.

Beef tongues

They are more than disgusting. The photo was taken in Thailand but they are popular in many countries in South East Asia.

Fried insects

They are not as bad as they look. They taste like salty chips. Fried insects are popular in most SEA countries.

Giant frogs

Popular all over the Asia. Taste similar to chicken.

Dog meat from Vietnam

Yes, Vietnamese (and Chinese) people eat dogs…

Rooster with cockscomb from Vietnam

Rooster with cockscomb is a traditional dish for TET, Vietnamese New Year.

Fish heads

In Western countries, fish heads are thrown into the trash but for Asians, they are delights. Weird.

Baked pigeons from Cambodia

Baked pigeons are street food in Cambodia. Cambodian drive thru is slightly different than this what we know. The food is served straight from the plate on seller’s head.