We can now add “miniature food” to the list of specialties that Japanese cuisine is known for. Miniature Space is a special kitchen in Japan that does all of its cooking in tiny toy kitchens, creating real, edible meals that fit in the palm of your hand. Their latest masterpiece? A tiny strawberry cake.

The best part is that they use miniature tools in the kitchen, too – miniature knives to cut slices of strawberry, miniature tongs, and a miniature spatula to spread the frosting.

Other delicious mini meals of theirs have gone viral as well – a particularly popular one was their mini fried shrimp tempura. Check out their Facebook and Youtube for more!

More info: Facebook | Youtube (h/t: designtaxi)

Tiny Fried Shrimp:

Tiny Sushi

Tiny Cheese Fondue

Tiny Pancakes