Some time ago I found this guy, tiny Bruce Lee. He is kind of a feisty little character and bit of annoying. He walks shirtless everywhere and boasts with his kung fu and other martial arts skills. I don’t think he is that good.

I try to document his life the best I can, but it seems that he doesn’t value my photography that much, or my stories. He thinks I suck and I make him look fat. Oh well… We still have some good times together and the adventures continue daily!

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Check out these guns… need a bigger mirror!


Happy 1st of May, it’s Vappu here in Finland and I just found myself a new hat to celebrate

I believe I can fly!

Practicing my martial arts skills with these useless flowers

I could beat Van Damme any time! Bring it on!

I think I look rather good in this pose, dont you think? Maybe I can catch a fly mid-air if I wait long enough?

Bit of privacy please ?! Cmon… You can film and take pictures of other things but in the toilet… No way, Jose!

My new convertible ride!

Photoshoot with Derek the Dalek

Yep… Chuck Norris is a wuss!

Do you remember that movie with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage?

Face off. well, I have to go trough that EVERY MORNING *sigh* I have less facial expressions than Keanu Reeves.

Not happy! Just got that retouched portrait that photographer dude took… I think I look fat. Don’t you think?

Photoshop is invented right?! I don’t even… Next time my shoe will be in his face!

May the 4th be with you! That is what everyone is saying today.

I want to join Hymiö grin I look just like that pointy eared guy from that movie… Spock or whatever. Live long and prosper .

Well this day went from bad to WORSE… Dear god, why?!

This water was freezing… Something like 4cm Hymiö tongue. Did you get it… 4cm?!

Actually this is not a bad picture of me!

Guess that movie!

And guess this movie

Ahh… Finnish summer. Life is pretty perfect. Sun and relaxing

People are saying “Put on some sunscreen”. Pffftt, noup, I’m just fine! I hardly ever burn my skin in the sun.

Well… this kind of sucks. And friggin HURTS! My skin is burnt and it is pealing! Aloe vera… anyone

Bicycle rides are the best!

Adventures of tiny Bruce Lee