Dating in this day and age is an increasingly fraught affair, with the breakdown of previous ‘norms’ almost complete and new rules and expectations far from clear in a technology obsessed world.

Online dating and apps like Tinder do have the advantage of getting to know your date pretty well before actually meeting, it is common to exchange texts for days and have a pretty solid idea of who you are flirting with through their Facebook profile etc.

However the following story might make you think twice about jumping straight into fancy dinners and weekends away. Imgur user minilogo37 quickly realised that his ‘date’ was more interested in the material benefits that a date can bring, rather than his company, and he was being played.

What to do in such a situation? Grit your teeth and pay up, as the gentleman was previously expected to do? Insist on a bill split, with a potentially embarrassing confrontation? Quietly explain the situation to the waiter, pay him your share and leave quietly?

Scroll down below to see how minilogo37 dealt with his unscrupulous ‘date,’ and the ensuing discussion about modern dating ethics. What’s your take on the situation? Let us know in the comments!

Commenters were quick to applaud his actions

But some had other ideas

What is your take on the situation?