The concept of time travel is nothing new—it has already been thoroughly explored in dozens of sci-fi movies, TV shows, books, and whatnot. But despite that, various creators, artists, inventors, and scientists still seem to remain totally fascinated by this mysterious and intriguing idea.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find myself wondering—why is humanity so damn obsessed with time travel? We could probably find millions of different answers to this single question. One scientific writer James Gleick, who wrote a book called Time Travel: A History, had a quite interesting one: “Because we’re obsessed with time. Because time is what we care about, time rules our lives. Time creates possibilities for us and also terminates possibilities for us. Time is a harsh mistress. We struggle with it every day of our lives and more and more now than ever in the past.” “It’s our mortality we’re concerned with, and time travel gives us a way to invent, at least temporarily, a kind of immortality,” James Gleick said. How would you answer this question?

But now, let’s go back to reality and talk about a different kind of time travel: one that is 100% realistic, but still mindblowing and absolutely fascinating. Recently, a YouTube creator called Lucas Builds The Future uploaded a video where he shared his journey of building a virtual reality time machine. By the way, Bored Panda had a chance to ask Lucas some questions, so make sure to scroll down for the interview!

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This guy named Lucas Rizzotto wore video recording glasses for a whole year and built a personal virtual time machine!

We highly encourage you to watch the full video because it’s super entertaining, but just in case—here’s a quick recap

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future

“Can we build a real life time machine? That is the question I asked myself two years ago,” Lucas begins. Spoiler alert: the answer is YES. “Now the truth is that we can’t build a time machine that lets you go back in time and kill Hitler. I tried that, that’s very hard,” Lucas continues. “What we can do is build a personal time machine—a virtual reality invention that lets you go back in time to re-experience your memories from the past. And the way we’re gonna do it is simple. For one year, I will wear a camera on my face recording my life day in and day out for 365 days. And then, using the power of virtual reality, we’ll create a time machine simulation that lets me go back to any day I want to see through younger eyes again.”

The first step of this mission was to find (or create) a camera that could be worn on the face

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future

In the beginning, Lucas attempted to build his own camera. Unfortunately, it didn’t really turn out the way he was expecting. “It was ugly, heavy, and uncomfortable,” Lucas concludes in his video. After that, the guy decided to simply buy a pair of camera glasses on the internet.

There are two cameras on these glasses

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future

The glasses Lucas bought are created by Snapchat and are called the Spectacles. And it’s really easy to use them—you just have to press the button and the cameras start recording. Moreover, these glasses have two cameras on them, so Lucas was really excited about that.

Later, it turned out that the Spectacles had a few limitations

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future

“So I packed my bags, bought myself some plane tickets, and started my one-year trip around the world”

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future

Above, you can see some of the shots filmed with the Spectacles. After a year, there was A LOT of footage. A LOT.

When we asked Lucas, how did he came up with the idea for such creation, he told us this: “In 2019 I decided to take a gap year and travel around the world! The problem is that I have a terrible memory and forget everything, so I wanted to create a way for me to go back and relive my own memories. I also wanted a real awesome project to start my new home-made TV show “Lucas Builds The Future” and this seemed like a perfect fit.”

After gathering all of the footage, it was finally time to start working on the time machine. There were three main steps to it:

Turns out, in the beginning, the creator’s close once thought this whole idea was a bit crazy: “Everyone thought I was crazy initially, but now that everyone saw the full video they’re totally on board with the idea.”

When asked, how did he feel when the project was finally done, Lucas said this: “So many things. Relief, happiness and just excitement to do more crazy projects. Started working on episode 2 of my series yesterday!”

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future

Lucas decided to start by working on the control panel

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future

When we asked Lucas, which part of the project was the most enjoyable, he told us this: “Figuring out how to tell the story of building it (and the realizations that came after). I wanted this to be something that was fun, emotional and educational all at once.”

Lucas is really happy about the way this video has turned out. “The project is cool and all, but what really matters to me is presenting it in a way that can educate and emotionally affect people and I think I pulled it off, even though it’s something I never attempted before,” said the YouTuber.

Here’s what the sketch of the control panel looked like

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future

And here’s how it tuned out

Image credits: Lucas Builds The Future