My name is Rosa Leff and I’m a papercut artist from Philadelphia who draws inspiration from things that are both beautiful and grotesque.

All of my papercuts are meticulously cut by hand from a single sheet of paper in a process that can take as much as 80 hours for a single composition. The decision about what to cut is most often made based on what I’m currently reading, with source material drawn from etchings, comics, photography and other mediums in addition to original drawings.

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‘Chick-Fillet’, Based on a work by Kim Jung Gi

‘When I Was Dirt’ and ‘What’s Inside’

‘The Reward of Cruelty’, Based on a woodcut of the same name by William Hogarth

‘Adelante’, Based on an illustration by Robert Lawson

‘Look At Me Now’, Original illustrator unknown and ‘Ribbons and Bones’, Based on a digital illustration by Rafaella Ryon

‘Real Housewives’, Based on an illustration by Arthur Rackham

‘Not the Bourbon!’, Based on an illustration by Arthur Rackham

‘Balderdash’, Original illustrator unknown

The Titanic, Original illustrator unknown

‘The Discomforts of Travel’, Based on an image from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper