*I admit, I wrote this myself in 3rd person – you can only toot your own horn sometimes these days :) ENJOY!

His name is Ian Sklarsky and he’s been drawing like this since he was young. “I’ve always liked Blind Contour because it allows me to focus on what’s right in front of me,” Sklarsky says. With one line he focuses on his subject and starts to draw, “I want to say I’ve drawn at least 4000 portraits.”

Each day Sklarsky draws 5-10 things mastering Blind Contour. “I have met some amazing people and have been flown to places to draw at events that are VERY cool.”

“I go to bars and events, set up shop and wait for the first person to sit down… after that there is usually a line until I finish. Once I had a small fight break out because people were standing in line for so long and I had to leave, I said I could only draw [this] many more and some people started arguing with the security,” Sklarsky says. His drawings take around 7 minutes with watercolor and his trademark wax stamp, “I’ve been doing this way before Game of Thrones made it cool again”.

Check out more of Ian Sklarsky’s work and see if you can make one of his appearances to be drawn live… It’s worth the wait.

More info: iansklarsky.com

Portrait of a male wearing amazing colors

Puppy portrait


Bringing back the 80s!

A simple portrait of a male

A statue in Oslo, for the Freedom Forum

Paris for Maison Jules NYFW14

Members of the Dramatist Guild

Statues in Washington Square park

The cast of Hamilton for an Ars Nova Award