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This Girl Makes Miniatures For Doll Houses With Crazy Precision
User submission
DIY5 years ago

This Girl Makes Miniatures For Doll Houses With Crazy Precision

Svetlana Pavlova, from Ukrainia, started creating miniatures from polymer clay in 2011. She learned eveything by herself and her passion became a source of income when she opened her etsy shop in 2013. She also do crochet for her pieces.

The least we can say is that her work is amazing, with perfect details on every pieces that she makes.

She makes her pieces on a 1:12 and 1:6 scale.

More info: Etsy

This is so cute!

Cute little succulents

The colors are perfect, seems like real potatoes!

Sewing machine seems to have been used for real

Realistic vegetables

So cute and realistic

Looks like someone is making delicious cookies

It really looks like a real turkey! The details are crazy

These crepes make me hungry

Who wants a good breakfast?

This salmon looks so real

You can see here a lists of the types of articles you may find on her etsy shop


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