Jaba, 28 years old guy from the country of Georgia, has made every traditional worker jealous when he set out on a journey all around Europe with only a scooter and a couple of bags.

Jaba Chargazia, raised in Tbilisi, Georgia, has worked numerous jobs from waiting tables to receiving customer calls. After being bored of his routine life, he decided to change things up. Found and bought a scooter with his savings, found a sponsor and made his dream life A Reality!

The scooter Jaba is driving is the latest Honda Navi with top speed of only 81 kmph (50 mph), with it he is going to travel from Tbilisi, Georgia all the way to Lisbon Portugal and back!

Traveling through 44 cities in 21 different countries makes him the first Georgian to do this on a single scooter. In total he is determined to drive up to 16 000 kms, Jaba’s tour started on February the 10th and is to last for 2 months.

“I was always working from paycheck to paycheck, never really having the chance to travel. With having a vacation once a year I knew I’d never visit all those countries I wanted” says Jaba. He is considered a symbol of breaking free from routine and purchasing your dreams.

Jaba is currently on his way from Greece to Albania.

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February 10th – Tbilisi, Georgia

First destination – Turkey

Aya Sophia – Istanbul, Turkey


Jaba drives 350 kms (220 miles) a day, but he always has time for sightseeing.

His supporters are not only his native Georgians, but people he encounters along the way such as these Greek policemen.

Support Jaba’s journey with a hashtag – #GoJaba