After four years, The Flowers’ Festival also known as People’s Festival (Festas do Povo / Festas das Flores in Portuguese) is back to the streets of Campo Maior in Alentejo, Portugal (22-30 August). The most astonishing part of this festival is how much effort people put in it. That’s the most outstanding reason why you should join this festival. You’ll be dazzled by the art of paperwork at every corner you turn.

It is said that the residents had worked on this masterpiece for 4 months (only??). By looking up to the sky, through the countless paper flowers, all I could read was meticulousness, patience, sleepless hours, family members skipping a meal for the sake of finishing decorating a street.

It is in the heart of Alentejo (the largest Portuguese region).
This is not the kind of event that happens periodically. This is the kind of event where the residents of the municipality decide together upon a date and start planning and working on it – the real community work and lesson of democracy books are praising (now we know why it is also called The People’s Festival).

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