How nerdy and awesome is this?!

Pheo coffee is a medical themed coffee company that honors medicine’s greatest discoveries and helps fund healthcare in the developing world.

More info:

It was started by Dr. Larry, a physician who is obsessed with coffee

Each coffee tells a medical discovery story and has a beautiful, vintage coffee label. This is ‘X’ which honors Wilhelm Rontgen, the guy who discovered X-rays!

Or the Dulci Vitrioli, their dark roast that tells the story of Dr Morton, who was the first person to administer anesthesia in a surgery!

They also have these bundle-of-joy gift boxes that would be a perfect gift for a doctor or nurse

Each of their gift boxes has a coffee table book, coffee and a caffeine deficiency mug

The mugs comes with the medical diagnosis for for caffeine deficiency. So the treatment is in each cup!

And the best part! Each order comes with a photo and story of the person your coffee helped!