Leading parallel lives, Phil and Iva worked at their corporate jobs in Asia until the fateful day their friends conspired to make them meet.

They fell deep in love and one day started putting all their savings towards a common idea: changing their lifestyle so they could pursue their dream of living on a sailboat. Here is a story of their dream come true.

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As their lives merged, they started putting all their savings towards a common idea: changing their lifestyle so they could pursue their dream of living on a sailboat

It took some time and some scary leaps of faith. Unwavering, Phil and Iva bought an old Dufour35 from 1980, named it “Dali”, and started sailing around Asia

This cozy 11-meter sailboat became their floating home

A place where they could read and drink their mate…

…while collecting stories of their travels in their journals

Moving from their urban life onto the water they soon discovered that they would not be living the dream everyday and instead realized that their new lifestyle was wrought with challenges

They needed to become self-sustainable: catch their own fish; make all their own food

At first, making their own food three times a day was tedious but with practice and creativity their meals became inventive, fresh and colourful, just look at these fresh sushi plates!

They also had to learn to be flexible, accepting that the weather and the elements would dictate their plans

They struggled to acquire countless new skills in order to fix different parts of the boat

Sometimes they would play the roles of mechanic, electrician, painter and carpenter all in the same day

It was a process with a steep learning curve but nature knew how to repay them and the new-nomads were rewarded with beauty in all of its forms

Their new lifestyle allowed them to savour dazzling sunrises and magnificent sunsets from the deck of their boat

The ocean received them with open arms and they swam in stunning clear water bursting with marine life

Uninhabited islands with pristine shores became their playgrounds as they were left to frolic together in their own corners of paradise

Phil and Iva were thankful for this fulfilling new way of life

…for the volcanoes

…for anchoring their boat in front of a perfect beach

…for the sun, the sea and the waves

Yet when the time came to visit their families in the city, they would often meet people frustrated with their day-to-day; people who felt like they were stuck in a rut but couldn’t find the courage to make a change

Phil and Iva found themselves so grateful for their new life that they decided to encourage others to break free. They started collecting stories of people who had chosen to make a change and pursue their true aspirations

For the backdrop of their stories, they filmed in the most striking environments

They filmed a Kiwi-Polish couple so passionate about surfing, that they saved up money for a decade to be able to buy their own sailboat and bring their cute dog along with them to chase the waves in Indonesia

They filmed Maria, 23-year old Indonesian conservation specialist that left her home and family to fulfill her passion of protecting the environment

They filmed an Australian family. Belinda and John, who lovingly raise and home-school their two young boys aboard a boat, convinced that their children should learn about the world by experiencing it first hand

The people they filmed came from all parts of the world, had many different callings, and were of all ages and social backgrounds. Phil and Iva decided to name them “Dreamcatchers” and put them at the center of the documentary series they produce

The united voices of these “Dreamcatchers” come together to deliver a powerful message: they urge those who are unhappy to be brave, to follow their heart and aim head first towards their dream

The first season of their documentary series Dreamcatchers starts airing this June in the Philippines, with more channels to come!

Phil and Iva also document their journey on Instagram and they are right now on the hunt for more inspiring stories as they film Season Two in Borneo. Have you ever thought of making a lifestyle change? Share in the comments what dream you would try to catch if you knew nothing was stopping you.