If you ever feel like you’ve seen it all, done it all, bought it all, then you clearly haven’t spent enough time on the internet. We might spend way more time online than your average Panda, but even we get surprised by some of the things we stumble across. To say that these make us do a double-take would be a disservice: there’s a third take and a fourth one, too.

One page that really caught our attention is the ‘Yup That Exists’ project, found on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and elsewhere. ‘Yup That Exists’ documents all the bizarre and unusual things that “you never knew existed.” From strange facts and products that will raise more eyebrows than we can count to wonderfully weird things that you’ll want to share with your friends.

Scroll down for the best of ‘Yup That Exists,’ and upvote your fave pics, dear Pandas. If you have a moment or two, we’d love to hear which of these things you were most surprised by. So drop on by the comment section.

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The ‘Yup That Exists’ project is very popular online. It has branched out to all the major social media channels and dug its roots deep. For instance, on Facebook, it’s amassed a whopping 711.6k followers.

Meanwhile, the ‘Yup That Exists’ project has over 401k followers on Instagram. Whereas on TikTok, it has over 554.8k followers and has collected over 14.8 million likes across all of its videos. Say what you like, but strangeness clearly sells, especially when paired with interesting information. And the entire project has won over the hearts of many an internet user.

However, you describe the things in this list—peculiar, odd, downright bizarre, or even aesthetically challenged—one fact remains: they’re eye-catching. They stand out. They hook you and reel you in because they’re so far away from the norm.

Earlier, Bored Panda spoke about this with Swiss design experts Jonas Nyffenegger and Sébastien Mathys who run the Ugly Design Instagram project. According to them, they have a love for ugliness that keeps growing, meaning the line between ugliness and beauty gets blurred. And that helps content stand out from the crowd.

"It appears more and more of our followers have completely lost their taste. That’s a good thing. It means they’ll have to find it again. It will most likely be forever changed,” they told us.

Jonas and Sébastien explained to Bored Panda that different designs stand out from the crowd on social media. “When seeing an ugly design rather than perfect aesthetics (as defined in the 21st century)—scrollers takes notice,” they said that unpredictability wows viewers.

Some people even take bizarre designs to a whole other level by incorporating them into their homes and gardens. History teacher James Hull and landscape architect Bede Brennan, the founders of another popular Instagram page that celebrates weirdness in gardens, told Bored Panda that just because something has a funny vibe, a weird aesthetic, or is different doesn’t necessarily make it bad. 

"We love the way people put themselves out there with their gardens. Gardens are a really personal thing and are always on display out the front of your home. They require huge amounts of effort and upkeep too," they said that even ugliness has artistic and aesthetic merit.

"Certainly, there is something about the ugly aesthetic which stands out on Instagram, a garden doesn’t have to be classically beautiful to stand out, make you happy, or be a landmark in the real world either," James and Bede told us that the peculiar really does stand out on people’s social feeds.

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