You wonder how an average adult Panda could weight? Try to guess… This lazy and beautiful Animal weights about 100 kg. So, simple mathematics, 3 Pandas weight about 300 kg and 307.6 kg is the amount that a bridge made out of pasta and glue carried during “Pasta Bridges” championship.

Students of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University using their knowledge of engineering have built a bridge using only two components: pasta and glue. The weight of the bridge was up to 1 kg but it carried enormous weights and broke the record of Lithuania.

The same team “Špikis” owns two Lithuanian “Pasta Bridges”records. In 2015 their arch’s form bridge, made mainly of spaghetti, carried 251 kg, this year they broke their own and Lithuania’s record and reached the result of 307,6 kg.

“Špikis” team was preparing responsibly and made a lot of tests in the laboratory, before the championship, to choose the best pasta. It took a week for them to build this bridge that broke the record. The team, also, bonded during the process of building a pasta bridge and learned to think and work in a creative way because building a pasta bridge is similar to building a real one. In both: real life and “Pasta Bridges” championship you have to complete a project from the beginning until the end. So, each year the team “Špikis” is figuring out their mistakes and trying to get better and better every year.

So, now you know that it is possible to build a bridge using just pasta and glue that could even carry 3 Pandas, 3 heavy sportsmen or 6 super models. At least, these students have built one!

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