Artist Glen Kessler creates industrial, urban landscapes by painting closeups of computer circuit boards. He fools the viewer into looking at each work of art as a city scene, when it is actually a macro-view of a discarded motherboard or other computer circuitry.

His unique take on the urban landscape has made this painter’s work popular with collectors in the tech community, and appeals to anyone who loves the secret behind these reflective, industrial scenes.

More info:

Circuitscape 14: Night Flyer is a limited edition print that resembles an airport scene at night.

Circuitscape 12: Deluge is a limited edition print by Glen Kessler that reminds the viewer of a flooded neighborhood with only the roofs visible.

Circuitscape 17: Depot gives the impression of a train station in the city. Nope – it’s a macro view of a circuit board!

Circuitscape 9: Monolith and Rubble is reminiscent of ground zero in Manhattan.

Artist Glen Kessler works in his studio on a large canvas, creating another “Circuitscape” oil painting.