As a lifelong cat lover, I had my heart set on getting Bengal cats. It took me SIX years to finally convince my husband, Tanner – who is now a cat man ;) My husband likes to joke: “My wife wanted to get two Bengal kittens, but I’m the man of the house so we got two Bengal kittens.”

Tanner and I decided to add Harry & Izzy to our family to celebrate our first marriage anniversary. We flew out to California and spent the weekend exploring places including CATalina Island before we were officially able to pick them up. We got Harry & Izzy from Leap of Faith Bengals out of Bakersfield, CA – and I would recommend Angie (the breeder) to everyone! I was in heaven when I walked into a room full of the cutest little Bengal kittens. We had pre-selected Harry & Izzy but I could barely tell them apart from all their siblings. I could have played with those kittens forever, but we had a flight to catch.

Flying with two Bengal kittens was so much easier than I expected. I was shocked at how calm they were in crowds of people.

We chose to name them after a local restaurant in Indianapolis, Harry & Izzy’s, the sister restaurant of St. Elmo’s – where Tanner proposed to me. :) Harry & Izzy’s is a gourmet restaurant that's known for their spicy shrimp cocktail. When we visited Harry & Izzy’s with Harry & Izzy they gave them bow ties and shrimp toys – and they tried shrimp for the first time (minus the spicy cocktail sauce).

The two couldn’t be more opposite of each other – Harry is huge, loud and not scared of anything. He loves all people and even dogs – in fact, his best friends are all dogs. We have recently discovered Harry’s obsession with playing fetch.

Izzy girl is petite (I joke that she is my permanent kitten), quiet and timid. She takes longer to warm up to you, but once she does she is the biggest love – as you can see in most videos of her. Izzy’s favorite “toy” is a toilet paper roll.

Life with Harry & Izzy is so much fun. Bengals have the biggest personalities. They love exploring the outdoors and unlike most cats they love water. This past summer we discovered their love for bike rides! We live near a trail in Indianapolis (The Monon) that leads to breweries and restaurants – and all places welcome Harry & Izzy. 

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They look so identical apart from their gorgeous color patterns. Instantly followed!

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