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I Wrote A Children’s Book About Donald Trump And His Evil Hair
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Art, Funny7 years ago

I Wrote A Children’s Book About Donald Trump And His Evil Hair

Can Donald Trump really believe in the scandalous soundbites he keeps saying? The only conclusion I could come to – there’s something evil, and much more sinister, calling the shots.

I had the idea to write a children’s book about Donald Trump called ‘Donald Trump And The Wig Of Evil.’ There’s a comment about Trump from David Mitchell, a British comedian, that says, “The most dangerous thing we can do now is stop finding him funny.” I’ve seen a real shift in publicity around Donald Trump running for President of the United States.

It used to be quite mocking, but Trump’s celebrity status and ability to flood the media with his own persona has turned this into one of the cleverest PR campaigns I’ve ever witnessed. It’s genius really. And proper scary. Here’s the book for you to read (it’s a little NSFW).

Donald Trump and the wig of evil

Donald was lovely, so misunderstood. Kind to all races… that hair though

…that hair was no good

His hair was a dick. Foreign made him sick. A blond haired, racist, Aryan wig

Dictating Trump’s words just to make people look! On the Internet, TV…

…and even this book

When election time came, they voted Trump King. No one knew any other candidates running

But the one big mistake this wig did make?

He now had to deal with the people he hates!

This was the price this toupee had to pay for world domination. He had to get away

He tugged on Trump’s faux-licles. The wig tape torn. That scalp peeling back upon which he’d been worn

And just like John Hurt, he burst from Trump’s body. From the tangerine vessel, now mangled and bloody

In need of a job he searched on his Mac

Does Miley still like her Hollywood wax?


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