Anaiza brings children’s furniture to life with a stunning collection of jungle-inspired creations. These unique and sought-after pieces embrace an innocent love of wildlife, transforming ordinary furniture into extraordinary heirlooms.

Anaiza’s founder Kyra Algazi set out on a personal quest to create something which stands out from the crowd after growing tired of dull and uninspiring pieces when furnishing her daughter’s nursery. Inspired by breathtaking trips to Tanzania where Mount Kilimanjaro loomed over the plains, Kyra has brought her love of the safari into the home with an inspirational collection of children’s furniture. The production is inspired by master craftsmen in Ecuador using sustainably-sourced European linden wood. Kyra has helped bring to children’s interiors the beauty and grace of the world’s most impressive animals.

“We wanted beauty and craftsmanship in a nursery where our daughter would grow to discover more about the world around her.” “Children need stimulation from day one. We were keen to develop her sense of adventure and bringing the safari into her room seemed the best way to do it.”- says Kyra.

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Dahlia – an elegant changing table where a giraffe peers serenely above the drawers.

Amos – a handsome wardrobe where a proud lion keeps guard at the top.

Valentina – an oval-shaped cot with an adorable elephant at the head.

Jacinto – the most jovial piece in the collection as the storage trunk that takes on the shape of a playful elephant, full of character and laughter.

Valentin – a beautifully sculpted elephant head which comes with tusks in two sizes. With his smaller tusks he makes an enchanting wall decoration for your child’s room or he can bring charm and character to any wall in the home. With the larger tusks Valentin generously offers you the option to use him as an opulent clothes hanger.