Since I was a kid I’ve been sculpting little characters, making my own Toys out of clay, as I grew up I only became more passionate about character design and vinyl toys. I remember buying magazines and seeing all those amazing Artists inside, and I thought one day I want to work with them. So I started developing my own art and learning everything by myself, color theory, vector illustration, digital sculpting, rendering, prototyping… , (took me a couple of years) until I was satisfied with the level of my skills. One day I was contacted by one of my favourite artist to collaborate on a Toy related project. I had my head in a cloud, wasn’t sure what was happening, but it was magical. After this collaboration I didn’t feel like coming down from my little cloud, but there were so many artists out there that I loved and wanted to collaborate with that I just didn’t know whom to ask first. So I asked all of them!! I wasn’t even sure if any would wanna be part part of my project, but indeed they did. And so The Turtly Race Toy project was born.

More info:

Here is the render I made of all the characters side by side ready to race

Eight character designers from around the globe took part in this project including, Paul Shih from New-Zealand, El Grand Chamaco from Mexico, TADO from United Kingdom, Devilrobots from Japan, Kenny Wong from Hong Kong, Charuca from Spain, Ziqi Wu from Singapore and myself.

the initial sketches from all artists

I worked really hard on this for the past two years, while travelling around learning new skills and trying to survive at the same time. I started working on the Turtly race toys in Taiwan, then carried on in France, then in Japan, Uk, Malaysia and Hong Kong. I was also lucky enough to meet most of the artist I worked with.

I sketched all of them again trying to keep each Character identity but within a common style.

Now only one part of my dream was achieved, my goal now is to raise funding to manufacture a 4″ vinyl toy series of those cute lovable characters, and that’s why I really need your help to bring this project to life, so if you like those little guys as much as I do please Join the race and adopt one of the characters on Kickstarter or help us by sharing them with your friends, it would mean the world to me. Look for the Turtly Race on Kickstarer, or click the link in this Article.

And remember, Never give up, Always follow your dreams !!!