My name is Claudia and I am a children’s photographer based in NYC. I love to tell stories with my images. When parents come to me for their photoshoots, they are always shouting at their littles ones “look at the camera and smile”. I quickly tell them no no no, please let them be. I want to capture them, all of them. Their personalities, their souls, and their viewpoint of exploring their environment, be that the city or nature. I don’t want a forced emotion. I want you to look back at these photos I take and SEE your child as they were. Their real expressions. Children are like story books, every leaf that passes, every tree that sways, tells a story to them. Their imaginations run, and that is what I want to capture. Those expression of real joy, and wonder. So please stop forcing them to look and smile. Let them just be, I promise you that those moments will be cherished.

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