Created in the land of the midnight sun (and fire!) by Eyrun Eggertsdottir, whom wanted all babies to benefit from the positive effects of closeness. The concept is based on the research that has been done on Kangaroo care, but also on the positive effects that heartbeat & breathing sounds have on our little precious ones.

Lulla doll imitates closeness by playing a real life recording of heartbeat & breathing from a mother at rest. Actually, her name is Gudrun, she is a Kundalini yoga teacher and a mother of 4! The Lulla doll also has human features, is made from natural materials that can absorb smell from parents to give extra comfort.

So what is this doll based on..

Firstly, Kangaroo care, which is a skin to skin method that is often used for newborns to to promote more normalized temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rates. This is the best! nothing can replace this as it also deepens the bond between the child and parent.

So what if keeping your young one close is not a possibility? There can be many reasons and situations when parents simply can´t keep their little ones close, or at least not all the time. Some babies take frequent naps, go to sleep early in the evening and it´s not safe for some people to co-sleep and many find it uncomfortable (the list goes on..). There are also more serious reasons like illness and hospitalization of parents and babies.

Luckily, there has been done research on both how being near the heartbeat & breathing of a person vs a plush with a sound device works. Nothing replaces human presence in terms of the bond..but in both cases research has found that babies tune into these sounds by nature. We are actually made to mimic the rhythm of our caregivers. What does that do? Yes, we become more stable, and sleep much better.

That is just the tip of the Iceberg!

More info:

Cuddling the Lulla doll

Awww sound asleep

He is just a good actor! nahh also sound asleep