The lady in the newspaper dress is Joanna, my friend who sewed the dress by herself, stocking newspapers in her little room for months. Joanna is passionate about sewing but is also very unconventional person therefore she decided that her dress cannot be made from an usual fabric.

I am a writer and photographer at my blog called “Tales of crazy goats”. So when the dress was eventually ready we decided to make a photo session outside, we went to the nearby located beach and the park. In general we awoke a big interest, people were laughing, stopping in their cars an waving, children asking questions and even dogs barking ;-)

In her little room close to the stars, surrounded by a million shells enclosed in jars, is sitting a lady and sewing her dress from a material that no one will guess.

The newspaper seller was totally in shock when one day she came and bought all of his stock, and every day till nights getting late she is preparing for her mystery date.

Date for which all other gals of envy can die, date with the sea, clouds, and the sky, date that most mortals will strongly negate but the newspaper lady is looking for with a higher heart rate.