The girl made of glass is a personal art project I’ve been working on for a couple of years. It’s a story that been developed in my head for a long time, about a cursed girl named Ella. I’ve tried to put it down to paper many times, in many different forms.

I began with a comic a while ago about her but I never made it past two pages..

The story about Ella is a bit melancholy and surreal, it is mostly about my own experience with anxiety and depression.

At the moment the project is standing still, but I hope to continue it one day. My goal is to manage to write down the story, and maybe have an exhibition with the art I’ve created during the last couple of years.

Until then, I’ll show you all the drawings I’ve made of Ella so far.

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The girl made of glass

Ella, together with a creature called “The Whisperer”

Story time

Ella reading the story about Joy, the girl that was born without eyes.

The black hole





Page 1

The first page of the comic I started on a couple of years ago. Never made it past two pages.

Page 2