My name is Robbie Ierubino, and I am a student in university studying graphic design and with a future dream of being an artist. In this post, I would like to present a new style of art called Shapism. Shapism is a mix of shapes creating a minimalist body in different metamorphic forms of various features of art, such as color, image, tone, typography, and many others. Its visual communication creates a mystery or becomes relatable with its title. This contemporary type of style is shown and influenced by other styles from the past, such as: Cave Painting, Art Nouveau, Cubism, De Stijl, Bauhaus, Constructivism, Surrealism, Pop Art and the Psychedelia Movement. Shapism is a FREE style to include special effects with form and abstract, like kaleidoscopes, 3D effects, optical illusions, blurring, and “glitches.” A collection of the artwork below demonstrates my interpretation of Shapism.

From Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Piet Mondrian to James Turrell, M.C. Escher, and Paula Scher, no artist, illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer knowingly embraced as it emerged slowly throughout the 20th century. But, when I was doing my solo-work as a contemporary artist, I realized the inclusion of geometric shapes in all forms of art. Shapism is everywhere, in paintings, art galleries, architecture, and various designs. If art critics begin to notice that style, I believe they will find the beginnings of a style of art from past techniques and how it can be used through art and design.

If you find this style interesting, feel free to share this article. For more information about me, please visit PLUS, I had an interview about me and my style of Shapism with “The Art of Autism” –

BONUS FEATURE! – I added a video trailer about me as an artist and my collection of art. It took me about 3 hours to complete it by using Adobe Premiere Pro. I created this video because I wanted to become part of the art world community, like the artists from the past and present.

More info:

Painted Glitch

Fragments of Gaudi


The Inclusion Evolusion




Flower of Life

Black Hole






Someone from Nothing

Our Star & Moon



Slash Step

5-Year Mission


Mr. Visualizer

21 pilots

Mondrian Stones


View of the World

Like a Child’s Drawing

Diamonds in the Sky

Apple Tech

Laser Dance



Heart of the System



More Than You Know


Cubic Layers


BONUS FEATURE! – Artist Trailer