Photo serie from the trip to Vershinino Village, part of Kenozero National Park, a specially protected natural area of 140 000 hectares, is a unique complex of natural, historical and cultural highlights and a distinguished specimen of Northern European cultural landscape. Here lies the borderline between the Baltic Shield and Russian Platform, and the watershed separating the White Sea and the Baltic Sea basins. Forests cover over 106 thousand hectares. The 300 lakes and rivers (the number per se is uncharacteristic of watershed areas) are inhabited by 28 fish and 2 lamprey species.

This is Valentina Egorovna — she is 80 years old, also she is the only person who lives in Podelnik village, that is near Vershinino in Kenozersky National Park, Russia. I get acquainted with her in her tableful and she tells us about the past times in Park and her village.