Whether in a call of soul or daily communication a car or bike has become the trusted partner. And maybe that’s why the Companies are working vigorously to make the customers much more comfortable. But our mind always wants more. And keeping that in mind The Chrome Warehouse come up with a wide range of accessories, which surely enhance the pleasure of ride to your destination. The company which started as a direct business distributor, and the installer, is now one of the biggest destinations for accessories in the country. Undoubtedly this warehouse has enough experiences to boast of about customer’s satisfaction.

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Various range of products always available here to fulfill customers need anytime. In the interior accessories section chrome enhancements with floor mats, seat covers, steering wheels, cargo liners, seats, bumper. On the other hand performance parts like exhaust systems, brake & rotors, suspension systems, air intake systems, engine components, Transmission, Fuel systems, performance cooling, tires, alloy wheels are available at our store. Other than these two segments wide range of exterior accessories like running board, custom grilles, chrome trim, body kits grille guards, towing and hitches, Tonneau covers will make your appetite for car loving high. Our rich collection of automotive lights such as headlights, tail lights, headlight bulb, fog lights covers, off road lights, license light will definitely make your way luminous.

🔲 The Best Sellers

The Chromes Warehouse is growing with you. To maximize customer’s satisfaction here we are with some of the best sellers which are satisfying individual’s need for a long time

🔴 Halogen fog light kit:

Varying for different companies this halogen light kit will make the darkness or tough weather condition easier. The superb polished reflectors will make the light beams and the light output more superior. The modern harden glass which is made by Durable polycarbonate keep you secure from the road debris. For the longer life of German made halogen bulbs, we ensure the highest quality. The in-line diodes with wire harness give the maximum protection. You can also allow the light beam fine alignment by a fully automated adjustable housing. For the ultimate help, the in-dash switch comes with on/off indicator which will illuminate in the dark. Its SAE certified to fulfill entire OEM standards along with D.O.T requirement. The warranty period for this item is for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Part by part installment instructions is available.It will take hardly 1.5 hours to complete the installation. We highly recommend the car lovers to use this product to enjoy the darkness with a lot of clarity and confidence.

🔴 Lloyd Floor Mats

Over 35 years the brand is still in the best seller for us. The material is primarily designed keeping various aspects in mind like excellent performance, superior comfort, and fine durability. These mats feature continues filament with two-ply nylon made yarn. The construction weighs 32 ounces of nylon yarn per yard. Thus it makes twice the weight and density of the original equipment mats. This dense construction and the size of 5/16 inch height of pile, that gives excess comfort and good long wear. The unique custom computer aided design provides wide coverage and huge protection than ordinary factory made mats. All Lloyd’s carpets car mat products ensure a unique multi-layer backing, which gives stiffness, register from moisture and lot of anti-skid characteristics. All of the products are compatible with factory made floor mat anchors, or companies own, very easy to install hooks for a mat. The wide collection of color and logo will steal one’s heart for sure.

Beside these two of best sellers, we have other chrome enhancements in our bag. From our vast experience in this segment of the market, we can ensure the customers the best among all.

More info: thechromewarehouse.com