This project started at a photography workshop in San Francisco. I was sent to document an upholstery and to take a portrait with the owner of that place. Seeing there a white chair with a broken arm made me imagine that this is a person. What if this chair would be a woman? How old she would be? I thought that it tells a story and that it would be interesting to show it as a person. One year later I began to work on this project.

I photographed the chairs that for me had something to say, maybe they were proud, elegant, childish, or they were simply missing something. The hardest part for me was to find people and clothing but somehow, each time, the people I found matched with the allure of chairs that I had in mind.

For me photography is a way to experiment and to transform things and people. I don’t want to show chairs and people alike but to show that you can look at a chair or anything and it could say something to you but you have to “listen”, to interpret its history, its scars and imperfections.

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