Book Stork Lamp is the winning project of the Romanian design contest organized this autumn by ROD Cărturești, in the search for a fetish object created for avid readers. The lamp created by Cristina Bulat came as the perfect functional item to fulfill any literary and design fantasies, with sleek lines and a beautiful story behind. Inspired by the nurturing stork symbol, Cristina’s lamp stands out through a witty and delicate approach, reaching beyond its’ final purpose – that of providing light for the reader, and offering a nesting basket for the books that gather on your nightstand. Furthermore, the lamp’s beak serves as the perfect support and bookmark for your fantastic companion, keeping a gentle reminder of your reading history. Book Stork Lamp stays true to the spirit behind the stork symbol, keeping an eye on your favorite characters and providing a cozy shelter for all the amazing adventures yet to be read.
Available in five different colors and recently launched in limited series during the Romanian Design Week, the Book Stork Lamp truly sees books into a new light.

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