Websites Where You Can Learn Science For Free

If you love science or are interested in learning more, you should check out our ‘top 20’ list of the very best websites where you can learn science for free. We have had a really good look at each website and have only included what we consider to be the very best.

Where we think a website is particularly excellent we have highlighted this in the description. We are not affiliated with any of these websites we just wanted to provide a useful resource for teachers, students or people just keen to learn more about the subject.

Hopefully you will find our list useful and it will save you time having to search Google. So bookmark this page, share it with your friends and above all use it to learn more about the wonderful world of science.


This is another Space related site with lots of great information on planets, the International Space Station, photos, videos, the journey to Mars, interviews, technology, aeronautics and lots more.

(2) Scitable

This science website is where you can learn pretty much everything you will ever need to know about science. You can read the blog, talk to other people, groups and even apply for jobs.


This is a great scientific resource for astronomy, star gazing, sky watching, news, the search for life, photos, articles, information on planets etc. Basically everything you will ever need to now about space and science can be found at CLICK TO CONTINUE READING